Open My Eyes!


Oh, Father, open my eyes to the beauty that fills this life! It is all around, ever-present, but I am so prone to miss it. I am seemingly surrounded with the end-of-winter browns and grays, low-hanging clouds, and chilly winds. My mind wanders to old hurts and unfulfilled dreams, then onto daily tasks, momentary disappointments. And suddenly, your goodness springs from the deep call of a red tulip! So mysterious it is, given that there is no purpose for this particular flower over any other. Your sheer delight in its every detail compels its existence.  May my soul reach for you and open to receive your grace like rain. Open my eyes and expand my soul!


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Author of: Sacred Questions: A Transformative Journey Through the Bible and Holy Vulnerability: Spiritual Practices for the Broken, Ashamed, Anxious, and Afraid Follower of Jesus. Mom. Wife. Friend. Lawyer. Pastor. Writer. Scholar. Reader.

2 thoughts on “Open My Eyes!”

  1. Simply beautiful. And, yes, I believe we are all prone to get caught up and miss the simple beauty in our world.

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