God’s grace is much more expansive than we could ever imagine.

author | lawyer | pastor

my story keeps changing. i thought it was one thing and then it became another. and then that happened again and then again. and it’ll probably happen a few more times.

i write books. i represent nonprofits and churches as a lawyer. i read fiction, memoirs, poetry, books about culture and theology, short stories. i like watching football. my favorite show is better call saul.

i’m married to steve and we have three daughters between us.

3 thoughts on “about”

  1. Kellye:

    I saw your post on LinkedIn and was led to your site. This is awesome stuff. Your walk with Christ sounds amazing. Since opening my own firm, I have become a much more engaged disciple and wear my relationship with the Lord on my sleeve – all of the time, not just in my “personal life.”

    Congrats again and keep up the great work.
    Brad Sargent.

  2. Just finished your book,holy vulnerability,one question miss Kellye,are you completely surrendered to and trusting in the absolute sovereignty of our Holy Lord God ? Romans 8:28-38 .”how will He not “ Ephesians 1:2-10. 1Peter 1:3-9. “I am but not yet “

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