How Watching Old Home Videos Could Change Your Ordinary Moments

Late last week, my family gathered together at my parents’ house. While there, we watched some old home videos. We laughed so hard our throats hurt and our stomachs cramped. Why was our hair like that? And, the clothes, what were we thinking? Anyway, in these videos, I ranged between 12 and 21 years old.Continue reading “How Watching Old Home Videos Could Change Your Ordinary Moments”

My To-Do List for this Week

It’s Monday again.  This week has a ton of potential.  Yesterday at church, we started a three-week series called Celebration of Hope, during which we will learn about churches around the world, serve churches in Africa and South America by providing for community needs like seeds, medical supplies, and clean water, and help equip theirContinue reading “My To-Do List for this Week”

Three Questions I’m Asking Today

I could go to work today, sit in my office or cubicle and catch up on my emails and phone calls. I could head to my scheduled meetings, provide my input and walk back to my computer screen. A big part of me wants to do this because it is rainy and dreary. Bad thingsContinue reading “Three Questions I’m Asking Today”

My Monday To-Do List

Mondays can be hard, getting back to work and all. But they hold such possibility, days stretched out ahead. I want my Sunday to roll right into my Monday and on into my Tuesday, and so forth. I don’t want to live for Friday, waiting out the long hours of the other days, just hopingContinue reading “My Monday To-Do List”

What Does Jesus Have to Do with It?

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you likely remember a specific moment in your life when you first understood the message of God’s grace.  You can still recall the way something in you broke open at the realization that you could stop all the effort and work you were pouring into cleaning upContinue reading “What Does Jesus Have to Do with It?”