Life This Week

Trust and thankfulness.  Small words, difficult practices.  Trust means placing confidence in the integrity, strength, ability or surety of a person or thing.  Thankfulness means being grateful or appreciative.  There is an object to both of these practices.  We trust in something or someone and are thankful to something or someone.  Scripture is full ofContinue reading “Life This Week”

My Friends and Family Wouldn’t Get It

This is the second fear my friend identified as we talked about why the idea of becoming a follower of Jesus scared her:  her friends and family wouldn’t get it and she’d be alone. The best response to the fear “my friends and family wouldn’t get it,” is: “Yes, that’s true.  Most of them won’t. Continue reading “My Friends and Family Wouldn’t Get It”

Life This Week

I spent this last weekend on a mini-retreat with God.  I have been working in my new position in ministry for several months now and it has been the most rewarding, powerful, grace-filled, exciting experience I’ve had.  I don’t think I’ve talked to as many people collectively in my whole life as I have inContinue reading “Life This Week”

I’m Kind of Screwed Up and Don’t Think I Qualify to Be a Christian

Photo credit I could not come up with anything that describes the fallacy of the thought: “I’m kind of screwed up and don’t think I qualify to be a Christian” than the story below, by Philip Yancey: A young girl grows up on a cherry orchard just above Traverse City, Michigan.  Her parents, a bitContinue reading “I’m Kind of Screwed Up and Don’t Think I Qualify to Be a Christian”

What Are You Afraid Of?

Not too long ago, a friend of mine told me over dinner that she was afraid I might try to convert her.  When I asked her why she thought that, she explained that whenever we were together, I seemed at peace, told stories that sounded like miracles, and listened to her without judging.  I askedContinue reading “What Are You Afraid Of?”

Can You Still Play Golf and Drink Scotch?

The third question a friend asked me when I told him I had become a Christian was, “Can you still play golf and drink scotch?” This one threw me. I hadn’t considered that. Could I? Did Jesus have something to say about golf? Scotch? But what my friend really meant was, “Can you still haveContinue reading “Can You Still Play Golf and Drink Scotch?”