A More Intentional Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table
For years I’ve longed for a more intentional experience around the Thanksgiving table. Of course, catching up and telling stories can be meaningful and create long-lasting memories. But often, conversation devolves into politics, sports, and gossip about neighbors, co-workers, or other family members. We lose sight of why we’re gathered and who it is we’re thanking.  This year, I created (with some design help from my friend Jenna) a Thanksgiving table liturgy to help frame the table experience. The idea is that beautiful things can happen at the table when friends and family are gathered, but we often don’t know exactly how to turn our hearts to God or create a space that allows us to express our gratitude to Him and those gathered. The thing is, you don’t have to use the whole thing, you could just select the parts that you think will help those gathered with you–maybe just the discussion questions or the practice. Or maybe you are just looking for a Thanksgiving prayer. Anyway, to get the liturgy, just hit the link below, print out the document, and fold both pages in half.

May your Thanksgiving table be one at which holy and beautiful things happen, your friends and family leave feeling built up and encouraged, and our loving, gracious God is honored.


Thanksgiving Table Liturgy

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