The Lord’s Prayer, A Blessing

May you join with our Lord Jesus in calling on our Father.

May you feel our Father’s presence in your lungs – in your inhale and in your exhale.

May you have eyes that see the presence of the kingdom now and celebrate; may you have eyes that notice the kingdom’s absence and then bring God’s light.

May you have the courage to be small in God’s presence and dependent on his grace.

May you have the humility to be attentive to the bread God provides to you this day.

May you, at the slightest turn and with the smallest step toward him, have eyes to see the Father who runs to you, throws his arms around you, and calls you his beloved daughter…his beloved son.

May you open your heart and receive God’s gentle grace as he makes and remakes you into a forgiver.

May you, in the midst of the darkest valley, surrender to the leadership of the Good Shepherd, who leads you through every trial and every temptation and delivers you from all evil.

Our Father, your kingdom reigns forever and ever.

Our Father, yours is the power forever and ever.

Our Father, all the glory be to you alone forever and ever.


Matthew 6:9-13

Photo: © Cleardesign | – Bread Roll, Wheat And Flour On Black Background Photo


by Hassani Hussein

Amid the confusion, the chaos and the pain
A man emerged, Jesus was his name.
Walking with nothing but God as his aid
And the marks of a Great One between his shoulder blades.

In a barn the revelation came.
Gabriel said, “Mary, you will have a Son and Jesus will be his name.”
She was blessed by God by being the selected one
And surely he was and has always been the Chosen One.

In approaching the “wicked” he had the best of skills,
He purified them with grace and good will.
The perfection they never could attain,
He accomplished through his suffering and pain.

The greatest of men, saving people was his goal
From all honorable people he was vast.
As his was a mission of the greatest task.

He taught us about the Creator of heaven and earth.
God, the one who gives us all more than our worth,
He’s the One we call on and he hears.
He’s always by our side, so we feel no fears,
Helps us back up when we’ve taken a fall.
God, whose epic mercy will shine above all.

Jesus, your words are here to help us through
Every one of them is true.
I’ve never seen you but I love you so.
And in your footsteps, I’ll try to follow.
A smile you give me may stop my fall
You’re the bright rose, and the mercy for all.