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Have you ever wondered if Jesus had a cold during his 33 years on earth? Apparently, the common cold has been around since ancient times, so he must have at some point, right? There is no mention of it in Scripture, but he was a baby, and a toddler, and an elementary-aged kid. He interacted with and touched many people. All before hand sanitizer. Hebrews 2 says Jesus was made fully human in every way for a little while so that he might, by the grace of God, taste death for everyone. He must have gotten colds. When I have a cold, I become very self-focused. It is as if deep down I believe no one else in the history of the world has ever suffered with a cold. At least not one like this. I also tend to withdraw from God simply because I’m so focused on my sore throat and runny nose.

My week is beginning with a cold and I’m at risk of withdrawing from God. Just a couple things I’m doing to stay connected:

I’m reading Hebrews 2. This is such a rich chapter of Scripture and reading it draws me into knowing the person of Jesus when he was here on earth. He must have had colds.

I’m asking others to pray for me. I don’t do this very often, but I don’t know why. My request is not just that the cold would go away, but also that God would reveal himself to me in the midst of it and be glorified somehow in my weakness and sickness.

I’m extending extra grace to and praying for those who are sick. So many people have such greater illnesses than a cold. I realize this. I pray that God would give me a special tenderness and dose of grace and compassion to extend to those who are really sick. I’m praying that I am able to serve someone who is sick with the love of Jesus this week.

What does your week look like?

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One thought on “Life This Week”

  1. Recognize the picture. Didn’t know you we’re getting sick. We all feel like we are sicker than everyone else, but I really like your question…one must wonder! How’s Jamie?

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