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For many of us, this week includes at least a couple days off work and some additional family time, which means things can get a little rocky.  It is so easy to let go of our time with God in favor of sleeping in, staying up late, and crashing after long days in the sun.  These are days of watermelon juice running down kids’ faces, beanbag toss, and sunsets.  It will be hard to set time aside to read Scripture and pray.  Here’s what I’m doing to stay connected with God this week:

I’m saying thanks when I wake up each morning.  When friends and family are staying with me, or I with them, time before I get out of bed is precious alone time.  So, when I awake, I’m saying thanks to God for a new breath, new mercies, and a new day.

I’m reading a Psalm each night.  When I finally fall into bed after long, full days, I often struggle with words to say to God to thank him for all he has revealed that day in creation, my daughter’s laugh, and conversations with close friends.  This week, each day I’ll use David’s words of praise in the Psalms, starting with Psalm 145 on Monday, Psalm 146 on Tuesday, and so on, through Psalm 150 on Saturday and Sunday (it’s worth reading twice!).

I’m forgiving and asking forgiveness.  Another thing that comes with concentrated family or friend time is the possibility for hurts and offense.  We get tired and cranky, impatient and short-fused.  I’m forgiving any of these as soon as I am able and asking for forgiveness as soon as I realize I’ve caused hurt.

I’m not letting my expectations interfere.  I recently heard someone say that we often let our expectations interfere with what God wants us to experience.  I’m an optimist and so I often think: this will be the greatest vacation we’ve ever had!  Or, this dinner will be the best we’ve ever tasted!  And then it rains or the propane tank runs out of fuel.  At first, these little mishaps threaten to trample on any fun we might have had.  But the rain allows slow, long conversations that were not otherwise possible and running out of propane means we go out for pizza, don’t have to clean up the dishes, and laugh harder than we have together in ages.  I’m looking at any frustration of my expectations as a gift to experience something better.

What are your plans this week?

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Author of Sacred Questions: A Transformative Journey Through the Bible. Follower of Jesus. Mom. Wife. Friend. Pastor. Writer. Scholar. Reader.

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