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Today I watched a movie called “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World,” which is about the last 16 days before an asteroid hits the earth and destroys everything, but really it’s about love and forgiveness, and how we forget over and over and over and over what matters and what doesn’t.  I sat there watching this movie, thinking, I would never want to cram all the loving, forgiving, and gratefulness I am capable of into the last 16 days of my life.  So, here’s what I’m doing this week because I want to live fully right now:

I’m noticing.  I want my senses to be open to what’s around me: the shapes and color variations of the clouds, the smell of the summer wind and hot dogs grilling on back patios, and the feel of my daughter’s hand in mine and her smile when I pick her up at camp.  When I notice these things, I pray that I gasp, smile at their beauty, and thank God for his imagination and creativity.

I’m loving lavishly now.  There is just no reason to hold back.  I’m walking away from any pride or fear and loving lavishly, extraordinarily, when it’s hard, and when it takes time.  Part of loving lavishly, though, is allowing people to love me, so I’m also dropping some walls and taking some risks to go ahead and let somebody in.

I’m not complaining, I’m resolving.  I guess there are always things to complain about especially when things are new or different and the temptation is often to complain first and then seek to resolve.  But this is really useless except maybe to prop up my own ego because I noticed the problem first.  Anyway, this week I’m praying for wisdom to be a restorer, a resolver, a builder, and an encourager.

I’m praying about forgiveness If I scroll through my mind quickly on my way to do something else, I can’t really come up with anyone I need to forgive or seek forgiveness.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone.  Hurt and wounds like to hide and I wonder if the way I feel things, understand feelings, and love might be impacted by continuing to hold onto old stuff.  I need to ask God to go ahead and shine his light on those old hurts so he can heal them and I can love more and better.

What are you doing this week?

Are you storing up all your loving, forgiving, and gratefulness for some later date?  Why?

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