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When summer begins and school is out, something happens: the routines and rhythms we have been operating under for months, sometimes without even noticing them, come to an end. Summer adds uncertainty and playfulness to the mix: it stays light later, it gets warm earlier, and suddenly, you remember people live in your neighborhood.  Most churches experience a “summer slump” in giving and attendance.  And, I think the reason this happens is that many of us go through a slump of our own, abandoning the ways we connect with God because we are out of our routine.  Our small groups break for summer, we sleep in a little and miss our time with our Bible, and our bodies are tired from sun and play so prayer time slips away.

I love the flexibility and freedom of the summer, but if I’m not paying attention, it will be mid-July and I will be wondering why my soul is tired and restless.  I also know that I cannot put any plan into place for the whole summer because it’s too big of a chunk of time for me.  So, I’m just focused on this week:

I’m reading Scripture outside.  In the mornings, I want to be outside and drink my coffee.  I’ve been waiting for this all winter.  I read One Year Through the Bible each day and about 7-10 verses in Ephesians.

I’m listening to sermons while I drive.  I do this most of the time anyway, and it really keeps me connected to God.  But, in the summer, I like to drive with the windows open, so I often think it’s too loud to listen.  This week, I’m just turning up the volume.  I listen to Steven Furtick sermons using the Elevation App for my phone.  One not to miss: The Worst Greatest Story Ever Told (Feb. 9, 2013). 

I’m saying this prayer every day: God, please renew my mind today.  Let me see you in every place and every face.  Help me not to worry about tomorrow, but to be fully present in the moment I find myself.

What does your week look like? 

Can you avoid a summer slump?

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Author of Sacred Questions: A Transformative Journey Through the Bible. Follower of Jesus. Mom. Wife. Friend. Pastor. Writer. Scholar. Reader.

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