Can You Still Play Golf and Drink Scotch?


The third question a friend asked me when I told him I had become a Christian was, “Can you still play golf and drink scotch?” This one threw me. I hadn’t considered that. Could I? Did Jesus have something to say about golf? Scotch? But what my friend really meant was, “Can you still have fun, or have you signed up for a lifetime of boring?”

Boring? Since becoming a follower of Jesus, I have gone to Africa twice (soon to be three times) to spend days with HIV/AIDS orphans, long-haul truck drivers, and pastors who have devoted their lives to serving and caring for people who are dying of starvation and malaria. I have never felt more alive or more whole. I helped start a legal aid ministry that has served nearly 4,000 people who have stories I can hardly take in as I listen to them. I have never had more nights where I sit down on the couch and shake my head in awe of what happened that day. One of my closest, most faithful friends is a homeless, Marine veteran. I have never had closer friendships. I have never laughed harder. I have never felt more purposeful, valued, and driven. I have sat in church and sobbed with joy watching people get baptized. I have never taken more relational risks. I have overheard my daughter pray for her friends and sing Amazing Grace in the shower. I have never been more present. I just left my 13-year career as a partner at a law firm without having another job lined up first.

There is nothing boring about following Jesus. It is the adventure of a lifetime. I have never experienced anything that even compares. Yes, I can and do still play golf and have a glass of scotch from time to time, but this adventure I’m on makes golf and scotch seem like sitting in front of the television watching the home shopping network. When someone I know tells me they have decided to follow Jesus, the only thing that comes to mind is, “Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight. You’re in for the ride of your life. God will do more than you can ever even imagine.”  (Ephesians 3:20)

Have you ever been bored following Jesus?

Published by kellyefabian

Author of Sacred Questions: A Transformative Journey Through the Bible. Follower of Jesus. Mom. Wife. Friend. Pastor. Writer. Scholar. Reader.

4 thoughts on “Can You Still Play Golf and Drink Scotch?

  1. I would much rather go to “Disneyland” with you (follow Jesus) than go “Bowling” (average living)

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