What Does Jesus Have to Do with It?


If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you likely remember a specific moment in your life when you first understood the message of God’s grace.  You can still recall the way something in you broke open at the realization that you could stop all the effort and work you were pouring into cleaning up your life in order to be accepted by God.  The heaviness you had carried for so long suddenly lifted when you grasped the notion that God already accepts you, the non-cleaned-up you, as you are, and because of his inexplicable mercy toward you, considers not your merit or efforts, but the merit of the blameless, perfect Jesus Christ.

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you likely also remember that after you came to understand this gift of grace and freedom in Christ, you had the sense that everything had changed.  Your life would never be the same.  You would seek God in all that you did, you would follow him wherever he led, you would be the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

But over time, perhaps even without you noticing, this fire you felt at the beginning began to cool, and now, you are not sure what you would say if asked: What does Jesus have to do with it?  Any of it.  Your life, your spouse, your children, your aging parents, your sexual desire, your drinking, your late nights in front of your computer, your friend who was diagnosed with cancer, the decision you face at work, the co-worker who never meets your eyes in the hall, the homeless guy on the corner, your Facebook posts.  What does Jesus have to do with any of it?  You are pretty sure you know how to explain what Jesus has to do with your afterlife, but beyond that, you wonder.   Maybe you knew at some point, but you’ve lost your way.  Maybe you can answer it sometimes and not others, depending on the day.

The answer to this question matters to me.  If I can only answer it when it comes to Sundays at church or what happens after I die, I think I’m missing the abundant life and freedom to which Jesus calls me and which I have tasted and know is good.  I don’t want a work life, a home life, a church life, a social life, and a spiritual life; I want an integrated life, one in which Jesus Christ is at the center and in whom all things in my life hold together. But there is no switch to flip and no button to push to make this happen easily.  I’m moving ahead anyway, though, and this blog is dedicated to figuring out how to do it.  Would you join me?  By hitting the “Follow Blog by Email” button under my picture, you can!

Hey, by the way, how would you answer?  What does Jesus have to do with it?

Scripture to consider:

Colossians 1:15-23

John 10:10

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